Innovation Workshops.

Some of the trainings we’ve organized over the last couple of years.

Float like a corporate, sting like a startup.

A workshop to help employees think like startup founders and discover hidden truths from your customer base.

Validation Guide.

Our main guide to running small, cheap experiments on bigger ideas before a full product launch. Save $ and time with this.

Brainstorming workshop.

Helping you and your team coming up with ideas, concepts and solutions to your problems. Brief Development included.

Innovation Workspaces.

If you feel like your office isn't the best space to come up with ideas, let's work on together on making it an innovation house.

How to build an app.

The basics of building an app for non-technical teams. Learn to launch and prototype in days instead of weeks.

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These are workshops we've delivered before for other clients. Have different needs? Let us know and we'll build something special for your team.

Innovation Workshops

Free Design Thinking tools? Yes please!