Venture Studio.

A place to prepare your startup for success.

First, narrow down the target market.

Whatever problem you solve, there is a specific market that wants it first. But how do you know who? Through qualitative and quantitative research methods, we help you identify your beachhead market.

Second, build through the lean cycle.

Instead of spending 90% of your budget on a complex solution that may or may not work, take the lean approach. Build a small part of it, measure the adoption and learn from a couple of potential users.

Third, turn on the lights and launch.

With your product ready, it's time to show it to the world. Digital, physical or phygital, let's craft together a go-to-market strategy that enables your product to grow exponentially.

What is a Venture Studio?

A venture studio turns ideas that are validated by the organisation, into venture-backable businesses.

At Creative Motion, we believe the brightest ideas come from real-life experiences, so we have three ways to founding a business with us:

  • Apply to join CM as a member to work on our existing businesses (Apply Here).

  • Join our studio as a founder, receiving a big discount for our services in exchange for equity. (Contact Us).

  • Hire us to work on your idea and make it real (Contact Us).
When should I start?

If you have an idea, you should have started yesterday. Not to worry, however. We can help iron out your idea and make sure it makes sense from a business point-of-view. We’re looking for perseverent entrepreneurs who want to use tech to make a real impact. If you have an idea but haven’t yet built the product or MVP, you can start working with us today.

If you don’t have an existing idea, but you want to become a founder, get in touch. We always come up with ideas and we just might have one you will love. 

If you’re a founder and you already have a product in market, take a look at our Creative Labs.

How do I get started?

If you already have an idea you’re working on and it aligns with one of our industries, contact us.

If you don’t have an existing idea, but are keen to become a founder, you can either apply to join as a member or get in contact to talk about possibilties to join as a founder.

How will Creative Motion help me?

Each new business will be supported by our studio team.

Our skills include Product Development, Ui/UX Design, Research and Analysis, Graphic Design & Branding, 3D Modelling and Printing, Programming (check our tech stack here), Engineering, Hardware (including PCB creation), Hiring and Team management (with help of our partners from EWS) and Creative Marketing.

You will not receive capital to build your startup, but we can reliably put you in touch with Business Angels and Venture Funds in the CEE region.

What industries are you active in?

We like software, hardware and sustainable, SDG-driven ideas and we strive for simple business models (e.g. saas, marketplace, direct-to-consumer) vs enterprise sales.


We’re not limiting ourselves to specific industries, though. We’ve developed startups in furniture, house appliances and NGO/charity work before –  which are outside of our main scope.


If you’re a founder with experience, regardless of your industry, get in touch.

What if I I don't have any funding?

In this case, you have a couple of ways to still work with us up to a point, but we strongly advise to find a financing opportunity. Building a business can turn expensive real fast if successful.

One way we can still help without any funding is to work on an initial analysis of your idea. If you want to, we are also open to sign an NDA and non-compete before our first free session.

Lastly, decide your future.