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Who are you doing this for? Target profile: broad strokes


In broad strokes, a target profile in business refers to a detailed description of the ideal customer or client that a company aims to attract, serve, and retain. This profile is created based on various characteristics, demographics, behaviors, and needs that align with the company’s products or services. The goal of establishing a target profile is to focus marketing, sales, and business strategies on engaging and meeting the specific requirements of the most promising and profitable customer segments.


Target Profile: Active Yoga Enthusiasts




Age: 25-40 years old

Gender: Predominantly female

Income: Middle to high income

Education: College-educated professionals

Lifestyle and Behavior:


Regularly practices yoga (at least 2-3 times a week)

Values a healthy and active lifestyle

Engages in other fitness activities such as pilates or running

Enjoys outdoor activities and nature


Values and Preferences:


Prefers sustainable and eco-friendly products

Appreciates high-quality and durable materials

Values stylish and fashionable workout apparel

Seeks comfortable and functional clothing for both yoga practice and daily wear


Shopping Behavior:


Prefers online shopping for convenience

Willing to invest in premium and stylish activewear

Responds well to personalized promotions and discounts

Values customer reviews and recommendations


Social Media Engagement:


Actively follows yoga influencers and fitness bloggers on social media

Engages with content related to wellness, mindfulness, and fashion

Enjoys sharing personal fitness achievements on social platforms


Put your idea to the side: this is who matters.

Who are you doing this for? Target profile: specifics

Get your first community/customers onboard

Multiple profiles: Beachhead, core target, overspill

The adoption curve map


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