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CM Innovation Process

Ballpark Numbers

A framework to help you measure the potential size of your business and consider whether or not you should start your entrepreneurial journey.

CM Innovation Process 1

Validation Board

A framework to help you run experiments to find out what works and what doesn't for your startup. To use together with Validation Guide.

Customer Journey Mapping CM

Customer Journey Map

Visualizes your customer's interaction before and after your product launch. Useful to determine weak/strong points in your customer flow.

Customer Persona

Customer Persona

A framework to help you identify and understand your target audience in detail. Create multiple versions of this for each target audience.

How Might We Statement Builder

How Might We Builder

A framework to help you generate potential solutions based on a target audience's problems. Useful in brainstorming exercises.

Hypothesis Card

Hypothesis Card

A framework to help you track each experiment testing your assumptions about your business. Used together with the Validation Board.

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