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Find the right trainer for you


Finding the right sport for yourself is hard. How do you even know what kind of exercise you would be into?

Add to that finding something near you and in the right price bracket and things just got a lot more complicated. 

How we helped:


Whenever we interviewed people for this startup, most of them told us a story about their trainer/coach rather than the sport itself. We realised it’s more important for people to connect and get enticed into a sport by the right person than the activity itself.


Our Solution

For, we built a platform focused on the individual profiles of trainers and other providers in the sports industry, with multiple options for users to filter and select the best fit for their needs. 

For each profile, providers are required to state their years of experience, age, specialty and more. In addition, you could chat directly to get more information from each of the trainers available, leave reviews according to your experience and even get directions to the location where the service is provided.

Currently, the platform is live and you can access it here.

Current status: Alive and growing.