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Hiring lawyers in Romania is not as easy as you might think. You cannot advertise the job listings, there are very narrow channels to recruit from, mainly based around law universities, and the allure of being a cushy corporate lawyer is tempting.

For ZVD Attorneys, these all proved big issues to tackle in order to grow their legal team. How could you differentiate in such an environment?

How we helped:


At this point in their career, law students are focused on learning in the university environment, focused on lectures and workshops. However, practicing law looks a bit different in practice, so why not engage students with real case-studies and challenges? This way, they experience the future work in a controlled environment, all thanks to ZVD Attorneys.


Our Solution

For ZVD Attorneys, we proposed three different approaches to better engage with students in law universities across the country. Our solutions focused on education and challenges as law students rarely get to practice and interact in real-life situations in their academic medium.


Our first proposal was workshops/classes taught by ZVD Attorneys in universities, with a specific topic for each. For example, a class in IP Law where students would get to review and find holes in a (fake) patent application. This way, ZVD gets to interact one-on-one and hand-pick their future interns. 


Our second proposal was Contests, specifically Legathons. Similar to Hackatons in technical universities, students would receive a brief to solve over the course of a couple of hours, with prizes awarded for the best solutions proposed. 


Our third and last proposal was informal knowledge distribution, with QR codes distributed in universities where students could get answers to the most common questions on tests and exams. At the end of each article, students would find a link to apply for an intership with ZVD.


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