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Saving lives with little lights


Romania is No.1 in cyclist fatality rates in Europe. Riding a bycicle in the city is basically a slow suicide. You never know if, or rather when, you’ll be involved in an accident.

The most common cause for these accidents relate to failing to properly interpret intentions and actions of other in traffic. To put it plainly, drivers and cyclists simply don’t speak the same language in traffic. 

How we helped:


The main way drivers communicate in traffic is through signaling. A pretty simple system, with a simple to understand interface and clear interpretation. Yet for cyclists, this is completely different, raising your hands only on one side. We thought the best solution to fix this was by aligning the communication systems.

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Our Solution

To speak the same language as other traffic participants, we developed a hardware device any cyclist could strap to their back or their backpack and with the help of a remote on their steering or even their own phone, users could signal and communicate just like cars.

The design of the product, size and parts were specifically selected to be seen in both bright and dark environments. In addition to the device itself, we designed a small mobile app that you could use to customize the looks, colors and animations for each individual user.

Learn more about this startup in the presentation below.


Current status: Raising a pre-seed.