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Red Bull Gives You Wings


Redbull sells its cans in many different ways: online, offline, event-based, in packaged deals etc. Recently however, thanks to the pandemic context, they started delivery of Redbull Cans through apps like Glovo, FoodPanda etc.

The Challenge: How to sell more Redbull online?

How we helped:


The consumption occasion for Redbull has all but disappeared during the pandemic. We set out who and why would they drink a redbull at home, even order one for delivery. We realized there is a big segment of deadline fighters (students and corporate workers) who heavily rely on energy drinks to meet their objectives, in addition to under-the-radar parties organized in homes all across Romania. How would Redbull serve these segments while retaining their daredevil DNA?


Our Solution

For Redbull, we first wanted to help deadline workers who were already in a burnout thanks to the work rhythm the pandemic brought on. Our focus was to preserve the adrenaline-filled attitude of Redbull and mix it with working from home, which slowly but surely, became an extreme sport itself.

Presentations have been edited to not contain any sensitive information. All presentation also involved a written detailed pitch and a report on the research executed, but these are not disclosed as they contain sensitive data.


Our first proposal was helping students and employees during exam and deadline periods. With the right timing, Redbull could do a Glovo takeover and offer with every larger set of drinks ordered a complimentary stress ball, notepads and highlighters for taking notes and other trinkets.


Our second proposal was focused on informal home parties that were happening all over the country during the pandemic. Redbull has a unique opportunity to ride the trend of home games and create their own, more adrenaline-filled version (Think Beer Pong with a twist). We recommended our friends over at PlayLearn to create the games for them. For each 6-pack, customers would receive one random drinking game from Redbull.


Our third and last proposal was a time-trial competition between couriers delivering with wacky vehicles. In the daredevil spirit of Redbull and in collaboration with Glovo couriers, we proposed Courier Trials, a competition where the best couriers are rewarded, those who can deliver under any circumstances, even on a uni-cycle.


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