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Given the pandemic context, people became more aware of their health, and the private healthcare system is the safest option considering the safety protocols and the constantly updated security measures.

Challenge: Triple the number of monthly leads for individual subscriptions by finding new actions and initiatives.

Strategic objective: 1 in 4 families in Romania to have retail subscriptions from Regina Maria in the cities where they are present.

How we helped:


Throughout our interviews we identified a common thread: fear. All of our target segments were, in one way or another, scared to go the doctor. Either because they have rarely interacted with doctors before, they don’t know exactly when they need to go to a clinic or even because they think they might have a health issue and they don’t want to discover it as it would affect their life greatly.


Our Solution

For Regina Maria, we built proposals with dual purpose: to educate and to reduce the fear we identified in our research. Far more important for us during this brief was identifying the customer journey of these targets, as they rarely come alone at Regina Maria clinics. The key stakeholders in their decisions to get checked out were family members, especially mothers. 

 We then focused our efforts on brand awareness, so when the decision to go to the doctor comes up, all of the people targeted are informed about what Regina Maria network has to offer.

Presentations have been edited to not contain any sensitive information. All presentation also involved a written detailed pitch and a report on the research executed, but these are not disclosed as they contain sensitive data.


Our first proposal was a timeline of all past, present and future medical events you would have to undergo during your lifetime. Once you would create a Regina Maria account, you would have access to your timeline and reminders for regular check-ups and milestone checkups (at 30, 45, 60 etc.). This way, you inform and prepare your customers and act with prevention rather than reaction.


Our second proposal was AR Murals at Regina Maria locations. Portraying doctors as superheros or organs coming to life once you look at them through your phone would stop passersby in their tracks to engage with the art, leading to increased awareness of the brand.


Our third proposal was a campaign specifically dedicated to men in their fifties-sixties, who rarely attend a medical professional, afraid to discover an affliction later in life. We thought there is a big overlap between this age range and car enthusiasts, especially vintage models that require a lot of maintenance. So we proposed a campaign that would compare cars to mens’ bodies, with messages like “You take your car for the yearly checkup, why aren’t you checking yourself out?”. This would be a social media + OOH campaign in Bucharest and large cities around the country.


Our fourth and last proposal was engaging with the TikTok audience (at that time, in 2020, still young) with medical content made fun and slice-of-life views in the routines of doctors and nurses. A lot of young people in Romania aspire to become doctors as the profession is highly rated and this would inspire them even more and raise awareness of how different Regina Maria is compared to the other health providers on the market.


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