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Property-management platform for first-time renters and landlords.


Houses aren’t getting any cheaper. You now have to work 25+ years to buy a flat and demand for rentals is only going up. And renting is not particularly hard, but you know what is?

How we helped:


Moving in and moving out. Signing contracts, checking the lease, agreeing on terms with the owner, getting your deposit back once you leave and more. We've interviewed 100+ renters and landlords about their issues and, based on their thoughts, we built rentlog.

Our Solution

With rentlog, owners can automatically generate a contract in less than 5 minutes based on their criteria, can add and track items in their house to make sure they aren’t broken/missing when the tenant leaves and can send reminders for rent or other issues automatically.

For tenants, they get to easily check the criteria of the property and make sure they’re signing a proper contract, with no hidden items, they can get their deposit back based on the state of the items in the unit and split the costs of renting with their roommates/spouse.

Current status: Alive and working.