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Neversea is the festival of white nights at the Black Sea shore. A 4-day adventure happening on the beach in Constanta, Romania. After 2020, a year in which festivals were something we only dreamed about, the industry was facing difficult times.

That is why our challenge was to enlarge the fanbase and to create profitable projects that their fans can enjoy while adapting to the context.

Challenge: Generate new ideas and projects, which will lead to awareness and to sales of at least 500k EUR.

How we helped:


Gen Z is the new target for Neversea festival, so how would you engage them? The first digital-native generation, they easily handle phygital experiences, as they see the value of real-life experiences coupled with the power of technology.


Our Solution

We proposed three different projects for Neversea to implement, in addition to a couple of smaller ideas, easier to implement.

Some of these smaller ideas include a recycling space where you earn points to spend all around the festival (implemented by one of the sponsors of Neversea in 2022), a partnership with Revolut creating a Dreams Vault inside the app for festival goers and BFF packs with discounts applied to them.

Presentations have been edited to not contain any sensitive information. All presentation also involved a written detailed pitch and a report on the research executed, but these are not disclosed as they contain sensitive data.


Our first proposal was a BIG Ticket that would attract attention and generate awareness of the event. Outrageous, Audacious, with all of your dreams fulfilled like helicopter rides to and from the festival, private butler, signed items from all the artists from the festival etc. This type of ticket, even if it was never acquired, would lead to a lot of attention directed at the festival for even offering it.


Our second proposal was “Love Spots”, physical spaces marked as meeting points for people using the Neversea App to match and date during the festival. These spaces would be made of booths with a separator between and a set of questions you could ask the person on the other side to find out if you’re compatible. Paired with the app to generate awareness before the festival, this solution would reduce the churn rate of festival goers as they have something (or someone) to look forward to.


Our third and last proposal was a House-style competition (similar to the Harry Potter film series). Festival-goers would fill out a form before the event to find out what house they would be part of, with artists taking sides and stages split based on the different houses. This idea was actually applied in 2022 at Untold for the Temple of Luna creative concept (Order of the Griffin, Order of the Owl, Order of the Dragonfly, Order of the Stag and Order of the Firefly). Read more here.


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