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The daily commute to the office/home is not the most pleasant experience. Whether we are talking about the bus, metro, tram or bicycle, there is always a disadvantage: crowding, lack of safety, unforeseen delays.

Even worse, every time you get into the car, one thing is certain: you will be caught in traffic. At rush hour things get worse. Statistics show that every day we lose another hour of our time stuck in traffic. If we add the 40 minutes of searching for a parking space, the day becomes a nightmare.

How we helped:


We have a lot of cars on the road, but very few are actually full. The average rate of occupancy for commutes in Europe is 1.2 people/car. We have so much space available already in the cars we use daily, why not share it with our co-workers/colleagues?

Our Solution

We thought that all that empty space in our cars during our daily commutes could be filled with co-workers and colleagues. So we started working on a carpooling app for employees in large corporate offices and manufacturing plants.

After hundreds of interviews, we realised there is also a need for incentives for people to use these type of solutions on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we built three different features to enable both employers and employees to use Cruze.

Explainer Video (Romanian)


Our first feature to incentivise use on employee side was a gamified reward system for drivers and passengers. As drivers, you would be rewarded 25 points and as passengers 15 points to reflect the difference in effort. Using the points accumulated you could unlock different benefits like gas vouchers, a limited-time parking place provided by your company or even days off. 


Our second feature was a Co2 calculator for users. Once they sign up, they go through an onboarding asking for details from their usual commute to calculate their current output of Co2. After that, every single ride you take with Cruze is measured and you are informed just how much Co2 you saved by carpooling to work.


Our third feature meant to drive businesses to adopt Cruze in their benefits package was a Co2 report based on their employees behaviour. Users are grouped and can only see other employees of the same company or same builiding to assure safety for both drivers and passengers, but this also enables companies to look at the analytics behind the commute patterns of their employees and generate Co2 reports from our internal dashboard.


Current status: Raising a pre-seed.