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It’s hard to make decisions when you’re hiring.  How do you know if they are the right fit for your culture? How do you reliably asses their soft skills and their ability to communicate and work together in a team? How do you measure the abilities that don’t show up in their CV or interview?

Before hiring you also need to ask yourself “How does my team look like now? What are their strengths and weaknesses?”. In HR, data is usually last on the priority list. 

How we helped:


There are multiple tests to measure the fit of a potential teammate (OCEAN, Belbin, PLI Test etc.), yet very few companies use them in their application. On the other hand, for candidates, taking the same test multiple times for each job is tiresome. Internally, the teams are rarely analyzed and checked for compatibility, which leads to conflicts in the storming period of the team.


Our Solution

For EWS, we built a SAAS platform where businesses could measure and understand the psychometrics of their employees. With a simple link they send their employees to take the test, employers now have the personal profile mapped and can hire in accordance to their current team composition. For new hires, HR managers have an external system to be able to compare potential employees’ profile to the current team. 

The platform we built was done using no-code tools, keeping costs low and elasticity high, as the business model changed a few times along the way (from a recruiting agency to a operations integrator to a SAAS). If you are interested in this startup, reach out below. You could also take a psychometric test yourself on request on the EWS website.


Current status: KIA.