LEvento Logo

Brand Identity


Learn. Hack. Grow.


Levento is a growth hacking agency established in Sweden that was looking for a new visual identity. They reached out, detailed their brief and we felt there was a lot of common ground to build on.

With a focus on data and extracting insights and a level of creativity we rarely came across, we decided to help them transform their vision into reality. 

How we helped:


We understood what really made Levento tick, which was the mix of real data and audacious creativity, with a big focus on performance and results. Execution-wise, we focused on making Levento's brand as easy and recognizable as possible.


Our Solution

The big concept we worked with during our brand development for Levento was going against the grain. During 3 personalized sessions, we identified the mision, the vision and values that drive this growth hacking agency. We split their process into three distinct sections: Learn, Hack and Grow.

Most of the time, our client spends their hours educating their partners and showing the potential of growth hacking for their own businesses. Execution happens next, through the hack stage of their business, which ultimately leads to the growth of their clients as well.

The symbol we created was based on two different meanings: one of growth against the wave (a reversed upwards trend) and one of showcasing the name of the founder as well as the name of the business. 

Read more in their brandbook and visit their website to see how the entire vision comes together.

Presentations have been edited to not contain any sensitive information. All presentation also involved a written detailed pitch and a report on the research executed, but these are not disclosed as they contain sensitive data.