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Digitized Mentoring


Entrepreneurs grow, Romania grows.


During the pandemic, live events were hard to organise physically, and for organizations like Antreprenoria, it hit especially hard.

With 1-on-1 mentorships, masterclasses and courses, the program needed a refresh in a digital format to stay relevant and extend their offering to the rest of the country.

How we helped:


The core function of the program and the most praised part of it was the matching for the 1-on-1 mentorship, which was done manually by the founder of the program. After a long discussion with him, we understood the criteria and how he would put into practice.


Our Solution

For Antreprenoria we built a native mobile app that entrepreneurs could use to get connected with mentors, set objectives and track them and even attend community events.

The focus of the app was the matchmaking system, as every entrepreneur who was accepted in the larger Antreprenoria program would get 10 support hours (tracked in app) that unlocked an onboarding feature meant to profile and understand the user. After completion, it would show the top 10 mentors that best fit your own priorities, objectives and interests and you could apply to any of them for counselling and support during the program. 

On the administrative side, the client was able to view, notify and have a private chat with each user to enable better customer support and could manually match or unmatch users on request. Additionally, metrics like how many objectives they fulfilled, how many entrepreneurs are still left unmatched and how many hours were used per cohort were all made available in the admin dashboard.

The app is actually live now and it has a free version for you to try. Click below to try it for yourself.

Current status: Alive and growing.