The tool to experiment with new ideas and concepts for an existing business.

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Ideation & Brainstorming.

Show us where it hurts and we'll find a solution, no matter the problem. With a short brief from your side, we go through a 48h personalized process (including research) to generate solutions. We then provide a detailed action plan for the first steps and a list of required resources.

Creative Marketing.

Maybe you just need an out-of-the-box campaign to resuscitate your business. Help us get familiar with your brand and together we can craft a Big Idea that makes you stand out. Once the entire plan is laid out, we connect you with the right partner to execute your campaigns.

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Tech Upgrade.

If you feel like your current technological solutions are a bit slow or not the right fit, we're here to help. We analyze your tech needs from a holistic point-of-view and suggest what would work better for your case. If required, we can also handle the implementation of the new tech.

Our secret ingredients.

Some of the tools and methods that we use to make a difference.


Design Thinking

We use design thinking techniques to generate ideas, conduct research, and gain a better understanding of the target market.


Lean Methodology

In development, we always propose to take things step-by-step, adopting a build, measure, learn mentality to increase adoption later on.


Result-oriented tech

We think that generating results is king, so we use the technology that can do it the fastest, whether it is WordPress, No-code, Flutter, or Native.


Courageous Creativity

All ideas, no matter how crazy or outrageous they may sound, are welcome. They can be adapted into competitive advantages with guidance.


Driven by Gen Z

We only have Gen Z on our team because we think the people who will live through the majority of the future must be the ones working for it.


Focus on impact

We work only on projects that bring a positive change to our world on the three main pillars: social, ecology and economy.

Some of our clients.

How do Hackathons work?

Hackathons are where we offer our services usually reserved for startups to medium and large businesses who are risk-friendly and willing to take on a challenge.


We can organize 4 types of hackathons for businesses who want to experiment and think outside-the-box:

  • Public, as an organizer. Host a hackathon as the main organizer, co-creating the theme, challenges and experience together with us. We’re your support team on this, with you leading.

  • Public, as a partner. We’re organizing a hackathon with our own theme, where you can join as a partner offering one of the challenges or supporting teams with product placement.

  • Private, internal. You and your team are stuck and want to get out of the situation. With a bit of preparation and design thinking workshops beforehand, we organize the hackathon on-premise.
  • Private, External. Just show us the problem and we’ll do the rest. Our team of top engineers, designers and business developers from across our startups solve your brief.

If any of these sound like what you are looking for Contact Us.

What type of company should work with you?

Industry-wise, we don’t have a preference for a particular type of company. FMCG, Healthcare, Tech, eCommerce, you name it. However, we do not work with companies who actively harm one of the three sustainability pillars: social, ecological or economic. That means any gambling, tobacco or gas/petrol producing companies won’t be able to engage in business with us.


Mission-wise, we prefer risk-takers and open-minded businesses, those who are not afraid to speak out against injustices and are willing to become an amplifier of their target audience voice. 

Why should I work with Creative Motion?

If you want to be ahead of the curve and connect better with a younger audience, we just might be meant for each other. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of experimentation however, so if you feel your company is currently stuck or you just hit a problem you can’t seem to solve on your own, reach out.

Here are just a couple of the reasons to consider us: 

  • We don’t have filters. If your idea/solution/brand sucks or does something wrong, we’ll tell you about it.
  • We are familiar with all the new tools on the market and we regularly spend time in discovery to see what’s new. Who knows, maybe we just might already have the perfect tool for your problem.
  • We value speed and accuracy. Doing business is a time-sensitive matter, and there is not a lot of room for error. We strive to finish projects ASAP and interpret research results without bias to inform the best decisions we can take together.
  • Lastly, our mission is to reinvent the world and help it become better day by day. If you also feel the same and none of the other reasons detter you, get in touch.
What is your current pricing?

The answer, as usual, is it depends. Are you planning a year-long marketing campaign or just a short, one-timer? Are we looking at a full audit of your entire production line or is it about your internal communication channels? First, let’s get in touch and then we can make an offer that fits your needs.